How do you spell Hold

Correct spelling Hold:

Walk and Earn

Letters count: 4

Word contains letters: H, O, L, D

Hold synonyms

Accommodate Adjudge Admit Agree Apply Appreciation Arrest Bear Bind Book
Cargo area
Cargo deck
Cargo hold
Carry Check Clasp Clench Clutch Clutches Concord Concur Confine Constrain Contain Control Curb Custody Declare Deem Defend Defy Delay Detainment Detention Entertain Give
Go for
Grasp Grip Guard Halt Handgrip Handle Harbor Harbour Have
Have got
Hold back
Hold in
Hold up
Keep back
Maintain Make Moderate Nurse Obligate Oblige Obtain Postponement Prevail Reserve Restrain Retain
Storage area
Support Sustain Take
Take for
Take hold
Time lag
View as
Wait Withstand